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Our core services centre around elections, polls, referenda and any other voting processes, for organisations representing anywhere from under 100 to over 3,000,000 voters. Whether you represent a council, trust board, iwi, union, educational facility, corporation, association or any other group - if you have a voting process, we can help, and you can find out more here or by simply sending us an email to

The experience we've gained from decades of assisting with voting processes means that we know a great deal about running other related services as well. We can assist you with community consultations, representation reviewselectoral training and database management.
If you need help with any other related tasks that aren't specifically mentioned here - just contact us as we can probably help!

About Us

Through 21 years of innovation in New Zealand, Election Services has pioneered the delivery of successful elections, polls and consultations for local government, corporations, iwi and energy trusts. Our ability to combine technology and process management well means your requirements are guaranteed each time and our track record proves it. We provide as little or as much help as you need and our store of expertise means we are ready with the answers when you need them.


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Phone +64 9 973 5212