Data Done by Design
A look into our review and recommendation process for a client's data requirements.

In 2015 a client requested Election Services undertake a review of its current members’ database to provide recommendations to enhance the collection of data and reporting functionality.

Election Services undertook a full system review, outlining objectives, prescribing processes, implementing an agreed upon solution and educating future users of the new system in person on the updates.


This particular client has thousands of recorded members. Election Services was given the opportunity to draw up a database review, providing recommendations to enhance the collection of data and reporting functionality.

The Goal

The goal of the database review and renewal process was to meet the objectives identified by the client being to assist with achieving a given membership, reduce the number of out-of-date records, update the database to include a new field and assigned value and to have in place a comprehensive, accurate and robust database with appropriate reporting going forward.

The Result

Election Services conducted a full review of the established database.We identified a number of issues for improvement and amendment as well as a detailed list of improvements to help prevent any errors, enhance user understanding and improve usability. Election Services also assisted with and peer reviewed the database operating manual.

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To meet the data needs of our client, Election Services provided a comprehensive list of services, including analysis of their legislation, as well as the existing data system, software and processes. We compiled our findings into a practically focused report and organised training sessions to ensure a tidy handover to key staff.


Election Services understands that data is valuable and must at all times be kept secure and confidential. In anticipation of our work both parties exchanged a personal undertaking to keep information confidential; an agreement giving our guarantee of the client's data security.

Trust Deed

In order to best meet our client's data storage needs we first familiarized ourselves with the requirements of their legislation. Official documentation was the best place to start, and we identified four key requirements from the legislation that informed our review process going forward.


In order to provide the client with a comprehensive database review, Election Services analysed their established data setup and identified key areas for improvement in the database structure and existing data, data entry and update processes, auditing and reporting processes and documentation.


Election Services compiled our findings into a comprehensive report. The report included our findings on data requirements, processes, auditing, reporting, software and accessibility as well as detailed information on the necessary steps required in order to implement our recommended changes. The report took into account the client's key objectives and tailored the information towards achieving those goals.


Our report included detailed information on how to improve any identified aspects to the client's data environment, and in order to see those recommendations through, Election Services’ met with the client's personnel and provided training in implementing the identified changes.


Election Services provided the client with a number of reports based on research of the current and our suggested solutions. The reports were well received and in order to establish the new suggestions, staff from Election Services travelled to the client's premises for a training day. This day concluded the hand-over tidily.