Community Consultations

Consultations which engage your community

As an organisation you may have found that it isn’t always easy to effectively connect with people and give everyone the chance to have their say.

Election Services can give you the edge you need to successfully engage with your constituents, through three key offerings:

Polls & Referenda

Find out what your constituents think

We offer a service of conducting polls and referenda for organisations that require an independent and impartial electoral service. Organisations we have worked with in the past include local authorities, iwi, trust boards, unions, educational facilities, corporations and associations.

Representation Reviews

Represent your constituents faithfully

Our experience in electoral legislation and in the range of local factors which must guide the process means we are well suited to offering expert input. Our independence also means that we can bring an unbiased ‘outside view’ of your area and organisation, and our connections within the industry will help to ensure a smooth process. See our representation review page for more details.


Ensure impartial decisions

If your organisation has a potentially contentious issue to discuss, we have on numerous occasions impartially chaired meetings to ensure decisions are reached smoothly and fairly. If you require this service, please get in touch.

If your organisation represents a group of constituents, members or stakeholders, you’ll appreciate the importance of properly consulting with them to communicate your message and get feedback on your decisions and activities. 

Read on for more details about our solutions.

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