Elections and Polls

When it comes to assisting with elections and polls, we always work out the details so you don't have to.

We can manage your election from start to finish

Our election services include:


Roll Maintenance

Mail outs



Document Design

Voting Material







Post or online

Whether online or by post; our decades-long experience with these systems will make your election effortless.


STV, FPP, whatever you need

We've accurately processed every kind of return and we can give you the sound advice you need to know to have your election running smoothly in your preferred format.


Easy as a, b, c

Our custom-built vote capture software ensures votes are valid, transparent and auditable. Our processing platform uses a unique two-capture process system in order to provide accurate results.

Data Handling

Getting it right

With experience handling roll data of over 3 million voters in a single election, we're no strangers to database management. Whatever the size of your voter base, we'll have it organised by our expert staff.

Graphic Design

Tailored to you

Our customised and ready made solutions will make designing your voting documentation a breeze. Whatever information you need to provide, we'll make it look good.


Our innovations mean results

Our unique election management software makes sure we deliver the best results, quickly. Launching high speed scanning in 2004 and VoteOnline in 2009, we are proud to be New Zealand leaders in innovative elections.

How an election is run depends on several factors, like your type of organisation and the method of voting.

To give you an idea of the breadth and scope of our services the following is an overview guiding you through each step of a paper-based election. Keep in mind we also provide an online voting service!

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