Representation Reviews

A representation review is an extremely important process, but often a complex one.
We can make things simple.

Under legislation, local authorities are required to undertake a representation review at least every six years.

For local government elections, the process really begins with the establishment of representation arrangements – the governance structure of the Council and how members are elected - well before the election itself kicks off.

As an independent business we're in a unique position to provide you with the best assistance with this process.


New or Returning

Whether or not you’re a regular customer of ours, Election Services can give you valuable assistance with your next representation review process, as we have for a number of local authorities.


Experienced Expertise

Our experience in electoral legislation and in the range of local factors which must guide the process means we are well suited to offering expert input.


An Unbiased View

Our independence means that we can bring an unbiased ‘outside view’ of your area and organisation, and our connections within the industry will help to ensure a smooth process.


You choose our level of involvement

We can work as consultants offering advice as you undertake the process yourself, or manage the entire project and work with your staff to produce a great result with a minimal impact on your own resources.

Undertaking a representation review is a complex process that must be completed every 3-6 years.

To give you an idea of the breadth and scope of our services the following is a broad overview guiding you through some of the steps involved in a review, while not comprehensive of every step involved it should give you a good idea of how we can help make a complex process simple.

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