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Dale Ofsoske
Managing Director
Electoral Officer
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In his capacity as Managing Director and Electoral Officer, Dale has successfully managed elections over the past 30+ years. He was a founding member of the Electoral Working Party and has made significant contributions to the development of electoral legislation and regulations, including the Local Electoral Act 2001. Alongside our Operations Manager, Judith, he has developed robust, reliable and transparent electoral processes (including the introduction of electronic vote capture in 1997, the development of our own election management software in 2001 - which is used by a number of councils to independently manage their own elections, and the successful introduction of optical vote scanning to local government elections in 2004) and has used these processes to consistently manage and deliver accurate election results in a timely manner and to a high standard.

Judith Ofsoske
Operations Manager

Judith has been with Election Services since its beginning in 1994. She has successfully developed and implemented processes and procedures to ensure the election period runs without complications. She has a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the processes and requirements and has overseen major new developments of software and processes, some which are recognised and utilised nationwide.

Stacey Siddle
Administration Manager

Stacey has been working closely with Judith and as such has developed significant knowledge and understanding operationally. Her skill set in managing the operational aspects of elections, by-elections and polls stands her in good stead to ensure she is delivering a quality service to our customers. She is very conversant with the Local Electoral Act 2001 and is acutely aware of its impact and relevance. She is an integral part of the operational process.

Craig Taylor
Business Manager
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While Craig has been with Election Services, he has assisted in the management of the 2016 local government elections, and many other large corporate and private entity elections. He has a strong background in business practice, business management, the legislation and its practical application. In his time with Election Services, he has developed a sound knowledge of the overall election process, including valuable insight into the operational aspects of the organisation.

Yura Minkin
Technology and Innovation Support Administrator

Yura is an ICT systems specialist.  He began his career maintaining ICT infrastructure in education where he developed extensive knowledge and experience in various systems and technologies that helped the organisation to be on the cutting edge. He is passionate about contributing his efforts towards supporting the technical side of election processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of election results. Yura makes sure all our technology and tools are at a modern reliable standard, so we can bring the best quality service outcome to our clients.

Richard Kerry
IT Manager

Richard has been working in enterprise IT and systems integration since 2005 and has been involved with Election Services since 2013, working alongside the team to manage the IT infrastructure for the Local Government Elections projects. He now joins our IT team working on exciting technology and services so that we can continue innovating upon our first-class services.

The key to our success as a team is that as well as each having specialist skills in our specific roles, we work very closely together to share our pool of niche knowledge and experience. Each one of us is capable of assisting customers with their needs and adapting to the variety of complex situations which come our way.